Between the hills and the sea

Seiano is a little district of Vico Equense, which is located on a hill overlooking the sea where there is a small cluster of houses. Thanks to its temperate climate and its healthy air Seiano has always been chosen as a holiday destination.

Stories of wonder and emotions...

Stories of wonder and emotions, narrated by soft colors of a sunrise or a twilight. The magic of nature, in many ways still wild and mysterious. Especially at night, when the lights of the coast are reflected in unpolluted sea.

Not only nature...

Seiano is close to the most famous places that do not offer to tourists only nature and beauty, but also fun, monuments, shopping, good food for all tastes, romantic landscapes of charm, comfort, relaxation, crafts, art ...

Bailamos Caraibico

We present a full program of events for all those who love the Latin American dance and want to spend evening entertainment nearby.

::..:: Wednesday ::..::

TODE'S CAFE'  - Via Passeggiata Archeologica, 10 80053 Castellammare di Stabia NA

EL GORDO - Via Giuseppe Semmola - gate Ercolano/Portici, turn on the left

::..:: Thursday ::..::

Palazzo Vialdo - Via Nazionale 981 Torre Del greco (NA)

::..:: Freeday ::..::

Jamaica Inn - Via panoramica, 5 80042 Boscoreale - Per info +39.081.858.25.38

Rose & Crown - Via Libert√† 80, 80040 San Sebastiano al Vesuvio

Covent Garden - Via del Salvatore 8, 80062 Meta di Sorrento

::..:: Saturday ::..::

Mama Ines - Gate S.S. Cercola - Via garibaldi, 395 - Pollena - Napoli - More info here
Complesso Zeno - Via Trentola II, Ercolano (NA) Info +39.339.480.82.10
Soho Latino - Via Generale Clarck Salerno

::..:: Sunday ::..::

Drummond's Pub - Corso Caulino, 77 80069 Vico Equense Info: +39.339.783.70.00

Naples offers to you...

The lights of Salerno artists are also in Via S. Gregorio Armeno in Naples. A selection of works of art light was turned on in the hearts of decumani of Naples between the artisan workshops of the crib known and appreciated all over the world. Between the cribs and monuments of the historical center of Naples you can see the lights of Salerno artist inspired by the theme of the enchanted garden.

Salerno offers to you...

Salerno is located on the gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the Amalfi Coast and the Sele and Cilento, where the Irno-valley opens to the sea. This territory is very varied. The houses are located along the coast and extending inland to the hills. The city is crossed by the Irno river from which it derives its name. Another river that flows in the municipal area is the Picentino river, which separates the city itself from neighboring Pontecagnano.

In this period in Salerno you can see "Artist's lights", a wonderful journey through the color of light. The works of art "en plein air" create a magical atmosphere with fairy-tale elements and mythological. Elves, flying carpets, lanterns and dragons, the universe and the enchanted garden. And then the big Christmas trees and the forest of ice that celebrates the partnership with Stockholm.

Vico Equense offers...

Vico Equense is a block of tufa and limestone that covers a long stretch of the Sorrento peninsula. The town overlooks the sea but extends up to 1444 m on the "Monte Sant'Angelo a Tre Pizzi", through the rolling hills topped by several of its villages.

During this period, Vico Equense offers:

  • Nativity - Loc S. Salvatore
  • Ice rink
  • Local "Christmas Tombolata"
  • Traveling Crib "Le Pacchianelle"
  • Midnight toast and music show - December 31

Sorrento offers...

Now Sorrento offers:

During this period, Sorrento offers:

  • Nativity in Villa Fiorentino
  • Christmas markets
  • Ice rink
  • A Concert titled "The Star of Christmas" - Dec. 28
  • Musical "Young people in the streets" - December 29
  • Musical performance and fireworks - December 31

Hotel - BB - Sorrento

Since Roman times, Seiano was chosen as the destination for an holiday thanks to its temperate climate, its fresh air, its green hills and the deep blue sea. This village is situated on a hill overlooking the sea, where there is a small cluster of houses.

Hotel BB Sorrento

Sorrento, in the local dialect "Surriento", is the tourist destination for excellence if you visit Italy. Thanks to its natural beauty and artistic traditions, Sorrento is the main center and the best Know city of the Peninsula. It offers several tourist services and opportunities.

Hotel Sorrento

Sorrento, in the local dialect "Surriento", is the tourist destination for excellence. Thanks to its natural beauty and artistic traditions, Sorrento is the main center of the Sorrento Peninsula. Sorrento offers several services and opportunities to its turist.

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